Understanding our students in higher ed

Whilst students in higher education represent a wide range of ages, I’d like to consider for a moment those coming straight from school. Why are these students different? Quite simply because they have never not known the internet. This age range are regarded as Generation Y or the Millennial Generation. They have grown up surrounded by digital technology, very often at home but certainly in the course of every day life.    

The videos I have shared below I feel are valuable as they provide clear messages about the way technology has impacted on learning.  

A vision of students today

This video created by Michael Wesch, Kansas University gives an indication of what it means to be a student today. 200 students were involved with this research. Technology and the way it is used has made a significant impact on the way today’s students study. The job that they may have once they graduate may not even exist today. Wesch continues to research the impact of social media and digital technology on society.    


Changing Education Paradigms

Much great learning happens in groups and it is the collaboration that is as Sir Ken Robinson (international advisor on education) puts it the stuff of growth. He argues that we need to reconsider how we educate our children to provide them with the skills they will need in the 21st century. The video below is an animated version of his talk (created by RSA Animate)   


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