An update from the retrospective blogger… #sxswi

21 Mar

South By Southwest was without doubt an amazing experience which provided an opportunity to learn so much from the good and the great there. It was also the most daunting conference I have ever been to. From the minute the event kicks off it is non stop action with a multitude of choices to be made. If only I could have been in more than two places at once I would have been spared the dilemma of worrying about which of the 450 panels and 54 workshops to choose and what I would miss out on if I made that choice! There is also an element of being the new kid on the block and not knowing the format or the layout of the venue, which given the sheer size really takes some getting used to. With 14251 participants at the event it was easy to get lost in the crowd!

Below is a visual respresentation of my experience at South by, which I hope captures a feel for where it took place and also an overview of some of the key things I came across that I feel were valuable to me. I will be writing up in more detail about the sessions I attended along with the conversations I had in future posts.

I must add at this point that I have a great respect for all you bloggers who are able to put ‘pen to paper’ and where the ink flows easily. Personally I’ve found that I need time to step back and reflect before I can write. Maybe as a novice blogger I need more practice. Well I’ve got plenty of material to go on so just watch this space!

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